96 Blocks

Dynamic timeboxing for hyper productivity.

96 Blocks allows you to timebox your day dynamically. Divide your day into 96 categorized 15-minute blocks.

How 96 blocks will change your life:

  • 96 blocks will help you manage and focus on the activities that truly matter.
  • 96 blocks will help you track and improve your productivity within the important areas of your life.
  • 96 blocks will keep you from overspending time in less important activities.
  • 96 blocks is easy to handle. set up your activities and priorities, everything else will take care of itself dynamically!

96 energy blocks per day

If you arrange your day in 15 minute blocks you can introduce laser-like focus to your activities. Give your sleep 32 blocks (the equivalent of 8 hours) and 32 more blocks to family stuff, that will leave you with another 32 blocks to pursue your dreams.